Learners Enquiries: Questions and Answers

Why do you ask for my personal information during the enrolment proses?

In order to enroll on the Learn Welsh courses you will be asked to complete a registration form.  During this process you will be asked for some personal details, some of the information is marked as mandatory and others are optional. All Learn Welsh courses are funded by Welsh Government, and we are therefore required to collate data on learners in Wales.  The data collated adheres to the requirements of the Lifelong Learning Wales Record (LLWR).  LLWR collates data for post 16 funding and planning, monitoring performance and strategic development. It also provides the official source of statistics on post 16 (non-higher education) learners in Wales.  There is also a data notice that you are required to read and accept at the end of the registration process which provides further explanation why this information is collated and how it is processed and shared.  Click here to access this information. Click here to read more about LLWR. If you would like to discuss this in more detail you are welcome to contact the National Centre for Learning Welsh or your local provider.

How will you be using my personal information?

Full information on how we will be collating, processing and sharing your data is available in the data notice.

I don’t want to register on-line. Is there another way that I can register?

If you do not wish to register online, you can complete a paper registration form and send it to your provider via post or email. To receive a copy of the form, contact your local provider, their details can be found here. Your provider can also provide help in registering for the course.

How do I pay for my course?

You must register on a course before payment is made.  An on-line payment system is currently being developed. A profile section will be available on learnwelsh.cymru as you log in, you will be able to view the courses you have registered for and if any payment is outstanding. In the meantime, if you have registered successfully you will receive an email to confirm that your local provider will be in touch to arrange payment.

Are there discounts available for learning Welsh?

There are discount schemes available, to discuss this please contact your local provider.

You can also apply for a grant from the Financial Contingency Fund. Further information and application form is available here.  

I don’t want to pay on-line, is there another option?

Contact your local provider to discuss alternative arrangements.

I don’t have an email address; can I still register on a course?

The new Interactive Site – dysgucymraeg.cymru includes useful information for you during your learning Welsh journey.   This includes digital resources to help you learn Welsh that corresponds to your course levels, news about local events and an opportunity for you to provide feedback on your learning Welsh experiences. In order to benefit from these opportunities, you will need an email address, and you will be requested this as part of the registration process.   Setting up an email account is relatively simple; your provider will be happy to help you with this. If you do not have an email address, you can complete the paper registration form and return it to your local provider.

I have completed the online registration, but I haven’t received notification that the registration process has completed.

Apologies for this, hopefully we can help you, we suggest that you check the following:

·         Have you have completed all the boxes asking for information on the registration form? If you 
          haven’t completed the essential information, the system will not allow you to proceed. You will see
          a message by the box if you haven’t completed the information correctly.

·         Has your email address has been typed in correctly on the registration form?

·         Check that the message hasn’t been sent to your Junk/Spam mailbox

 ·         The CACHE on your computer is cleared, to ensure that you are viewing the most current version
           of dysgucymraeg.cymru. A video showing you how to do this is available here.

If you continue to experience difficulties contact your local provider who can check if the registration has been completed, they can also provide you with further assistance.

I am already registered on one course, when I try to log in and register on another course, I must provide all my details again. Is this correct?

You have already provided us with some details as part of creating an account on dysgucymraeg.cymru and if you have registered on a course. You do not need to provide all this information for the second time, however we do ask you to provide some information again as you register on a different course. This allows us to ensure that the information you provide is still correct and current. Some of the information that we ask is mandatory others and optional.

I have registered on the incorrect course; how do I change this?

This is not a problem. You will need to contact your local provider and explain the situation and they will be able to rectify this and register you on the correct course. Their contact details are available here.

I haven’t received a message confirming that I have registered on a course. What should I do?

Apologies for this, hopefully we can help you, we suggest that you check the following:

·         You have typed in your email address correctly.

·         The message hasn’t been sent to your junk/ spam mailbox

If you continue to experience difficulties contact your local provider who can check if the registration has been completed, they can also provide you with further assistance.

I live abroad but I want to attend a Welsh for Adults course. Which address should I provide on the registration form?

It notes on the registration form that you need to provide your residential address for the time that you are staying in the UK. Your local provider might contact you for further information prior to attending the course.

My workplace is paying for my Learn Welsh course.  How do I arrange this?

You will need to contact your provider to explain that your employer is paying for the course, your provider will be able to arrange this with your employer and note this against your enrolment.

I have forgotten my password. How do I reset this?

We are developing a way for you to reset your password on the Interactive Site, it will be available soon. In the meantime contact the National Centre for Learning Welsh for further support.