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31 Weeks
Start: 02/11/2020
Finish: 19/07/2021
10:00 - 13:00

Entry Course: Welsh at Home Part 1

Reference: DCT0820 Online virtual classroom
Mynediad (Entry)

Here's a new course designed particularly for parents, relatives or carers wanting to use Welsh with young children.

The course is at Mynediad (entry) level, and so is intended for complete beginners. It introduces basic vocabulary, phrases and language patterns, with the emphasis on developing your ability so speak and have simple interactions with children in Welsh, so there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss and practise informal chat during the lessons.

Given that Welsh is to be taught to every child in Wales as part of the new curriculum in schools, the course is particularly suitable for parents or relatives who want to be able to support a child's language skills and ability to speak, understand and value the Welsh language.

Due to social distancing advice, the course will be delivered weekly lessons via Zoom video link (for the time being at least).

A chance to attend x 3 Sadwrn Siarad (Saturday workshops) organised by LWSBR during the year is also included in this course. You'll be using the Mynediad level course-book with additional materials ( course-books are available online or in your local Welsh bookstore for £10).


If you can provide documented evidence that you currently come under one of the categories below, use the appropriate code on registration to receive a 40% discount:

  • Pensioners = PEN20
  • Full-time Student or Apprentice = MYF20
  • Receive state benefits = BUDD20

You can only apply x1 discount at a time. However, other types of assistance with associated learning costs are available. See the Support for learners on this website, or contact us for details of our bursary scheme.

The course is dependant on a viable number of registrations by the booking deadline date. (Full refunds are issued when courses do not run.)