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1 Week
Start: 19/07/2021
Finish: 23/07/2021
Monday - Friday
09:15 - 15:30

Week Course

Reference: DCMWAW2520 Online Virtual Classroom
Mynediad (Entry)

Week 2 / Wythnos 2.

This is an intensive 5-day online course for beginners. It is the second of 5 sequential week-long courses that will allow learners to complete the full Mynediad (Entry) level coursebook.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, these courses will be offered online for the time being. The daily schedule will require learners to join their tutor for two daily class sessions via videolink: one first thing in the morning; the second just after lunch (GMT). Both of these face-to-face sessions are followed by independent directed study sessions and online tasks. So you'll be busy all day, and you'll also need continual access to a computer/tablet and a stable internet connection.

Special discounts: If you can provide documentational evidence that you currently belong to one of the categories below, use the appropriate code on registration to receive a 40% discount.

Pensioners = PEN20

Full-time Student or Apprentice =MYF20

Receive state benefits = BUDD20

You can only apply x1 discount at a time. However, other types of assistance with associated learning costs are available. See the Support section for learners on this website, or contact us for details of our bursary scheme.

The complete Mynediad e-course materials are included in the fee for the 1st week course. All courses are dependent on a viable number of registrations by the booking deadline date. (Full refunds are issued when courses do not run.)