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1 Week
Start: 26/10/2020
Finish: 28/10/2020
Monday - Wednesday
10:00 - 16:00

Three Day Course

Reference: C2111 Mainstream
Uwch (Advanced)

Uwch 2 Course Contemporary Welsh literature Distance-learning (taught online) course suitable for Higher level learners. An unique opportunity to discuss fascinating topics with their own distinctive vocabulary. all kinds of subjects. You’ll also get to improve your reading, writing and listening skills as you learn about Wales’ history and culture. 5 hours a day over a three-day period.

Those who register for this course will also receive 3 online ‘catch-up’ sessions with a tutor as well as an online ‘class reunion’ later in the year!

Every Higher 2 course is suitable for Welsh learners (Higher level) or native Welsh speakers who want to learn more about their history and culture.

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