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1 Week
Start: 26/09/2020
Finish: 27/09/2020
Sunday, Saturday
10:00 - 16:00

Two Day Course

Reference: C2107 Mainstream
Mynediad (Entry)

Entry – Welsh for parents of primary-school children A distance-learning (taught online) course for beginners, introducing vocabulary, basic language patterns and everyday phrases in the context of primary-school education. The emphasis is on speaking, writing and understanding Welsh as it is used in the primary classroom. Working in groups, in pairs and independently, learners will have plenty of opportunities to practise their Welsh and immerse themselves in the language for 5 hours a day over one weekend. • create sentences in the present tense • use numbers • learn days of the week, months of the year, seasons • asking for things • possession, e.g. I have / I’ve got ... • expand vocabulary and useful phrases

Those who register for this course will also receive 3 online ‘catch-up’ sessions with a tutor as well as an online ‘class reunion’ later in the year!

Suitable for people with some knowledge of the Welsh language, and who can perform some simple tasks like pronounce, count and greet and create simple sentences. This course is taught in English.

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