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Work Welsh Self Study Course

A course taught entirely online.
Self-Study Course

The Work Welsh self-study course is a course taught entirely online. The linguistic content and the language patterns taught are consistent with the national mainstream courses of the National Centre for Learning Welsh. However, a different vocabulary list is provided for Work Welsh units as the units are contextualised to the workplace. Learners can choose to study a South Wales version of the self-study course or a North Wales version of the self-study course.

The online units are equivalent to approximately 2 hours of self-study, and reference tasks and other experiences are also provided for the learners to carry out to expand their experience of learning Welsh.

More Information

The units are placed on the Centre’s platform and once a learner has registered on a self-study course they can access the course from the 'My Learning' section. Once the course begins, 3 units are released every 3 weeks, and learners are expected to complete 1 unit per week.

All learners will receive a Welcome Pack before starting the course, with information about the content of the course, and the additional support that will be available from a tutor.

Tutor Support Overview

Tutor support for the self-study courses is offered to all learners who register, which includes:

  • An email address to send linguistic questions or queries to a tutor.
  • An opportunity to meet a tutor live virtually for support following any enquiry.
  • Live, weekly revision sessions revising 3 units at a time.
  • An opportunity to chat informally with other learners.
  • Feedback on tasks submitted on the platform.

The course is available on the Entry and Foundation Level course

The course is available on the Entry and Foundation Level course. The Entry level course is for beginners, and those who wish to start with the basics. You don't need any Welsh to start at this level.

By the end of the Entry course, learners will be able to:

-Understand and use simple, day to day phrases;

-Introduce themselves, and others, ask and answer questions about basic knowledge, e.g. where someone works;

-Talk about what they like;

-Talk about where they come from, and where they’re going;

-Say what they did and where they went in the past tense, and ask/say what others did and where others went;

-Say what they have, and ask/say what others have;

-Say what they had, and ask/say what others had;

-Talk about what they and others used to do;

-Understand short texts where people give basic information about themselves or others, e.g. on forms;

-Pass on a simple message or make a basic request, e.g. via email.


Staff can join this course as a follow-on from the Entry self-study course or from a face-to-face tutor course. By the end of the Foundation course, learners will be able to:

-Recap Entry level

-Learn how to ask and answer questions in the workplace, including interviews

-Ask and answer questions in the present and future, in the first person and about others

-Write and understand messages, e.g. emails, advertisements

-Expressing opinions in everyday situations

-Learn how to express intention and the ability to do something

-Offer to do something or ask for a favor

-Ask for, and give permission

-Discuss periods of time, dates and how to organise workplace events

-Give instructions

-Describe and compare things, colleagues, customers and people in general

To register on this course, please contact the Work Welsh Team: