Cynllun Siarad
Lansio Cynllun Siarad


The National Centre for Learning Welsh has launched a scheme called 'Siarad':

• The scheme brings fluent Welsh speakers and learners together for 10 hours of informal conversation in social settings.

• The aim is to increase learners’ confidence and introduce them to opportunities to use their Welsh locally.

• The scheme is available to learners at Intermediate (Canolradd), Advanced (Uwch) or Proficiency (Hyfedredd) levels.

If you are a Welsh speaker or learner at either Intermediate, Advanced or Proficiency level, click on the appropriate link below: 

Learning a language is like learning to play an instrument – you need constant practise. Creating opportunities for our learners to practise speaking Welsh outside the class is, therefore, an essential part of our work at the National Centre. The aim of this scheme is to develop the confidence and fluency of our learners and to encourage them to use more Welsh in their everyday life.

Helen Prosser, Strategic Director, The National Centre for Learning Welsh