‘Work Welsh Welcome’

Online course

This 10-hour online course teaches basic customised workplace Welsh.  This course will enable you to meet and greet colleagues, customers and stakeholders using Welsh phrases. The course includes vocabulary and phrases relevant to the workplace and will help you respond to initial enquiries in Welsh and to put people in touch with other Welsh speakers who can help them further.   The course will also enable you to start and end a conversation or a meeting in Welsh. 

About the course

Duration: 10 hours

  • The course can be followed at a time to suit you.
  • The course can be accessed from electronic devices at work or at home.
  • The audio elements of the course will be available to download.

If you would like to register your organisation's interest in this course please download and complete this form and e-mail it to workwelsh@learnwelsh.cymru 




Hywel Dda Health Board