Cardiff University delivers Welsh courses in the capital on behalf of the National Centre for Learning Welsh.

Let your Welsh bloom over the summer

Come and join our community and we will help bring out the Cymraeg (Welsh) in you! The choice of Welsh courses on offer is very broad and designed to ensure that there is something for everybody. Courses start as short Taster sessions and courses for pure beginners, right up to proficiency level, where learners as well as those wanting to improve their Welsh are all welcome. There are courses one and twice weekly, block courses which are full time for a fortnight or up to 8 weeks! Moreover, you can even learn Welsh on-line!

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Here are some of the courses currently on offer:

Taster Courses
Summer Courses


  • Entry - For beginners.  The emphasis is very much on conversational Welsh
  • Foundation - For those who already know some Welsh
  • Intermediate - For those who are reasonably confident in Welsh / who have completed the Sylfaen course
  • Advanced - For those who can speak Welsh to a reasonably high standard
  • Proficiency - For those who speak Welsh fluently or learners who have mastered the language at the national (Advanced) level

My wife speaks Welsh and we have 2 young boys and it would be great to be able to speak to them in Welsh and help them with their homework.

Martin Kitchener

Clywed gan y dysgwyr

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