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New Self Study course for Teachers


The Work Welsh self-study Entry Level course for Teachers is taught completely online for a total of 120 hours.  The language content is consistent with the National Sabbatical Scheme courses as well as the National Centre for Learning Welsh mainstream courses.  The course content is contextualised for the school workplace and the teachers’ daily duties.  It is suitable for English medium primary and secondary school teachers who have very little or very basic knowledge of the Welsh language.  The course starts by concentrating on Welsh pronunciation before moving on to patterns which could be included in daily lessons.  By the end of the course, teachers will be able to communicate at a basic level in Welsh and will have an understanding of key vocabulary in their area of expertise in Welsh too. They will be aware of strategies and methodologies for learning a language so that they can use Welsh confidently in their lessons with the learners.

In addition to the self-study element, it is expected that practitioners attend one live online session per week.  In the live sessions, they will have an opportunity to practise the patterns learnt in the units with other practitioners and a tutor will be present to lead the session.  Most crucially, the live lessons provide an opportunity to discover and gather new language learning methodologies and how to include Welsh effectively in their lessons in a cross-curricular approach.  Tutor support will be available via e-mail for the duration of the course. Practitioners can choose to follow the South Wales or North Wales self-study course.

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