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Ask Emily

Ask Emily

Emily Evans, who is 25 years old, is an actress and lives in London.  She is originally from Cowbridge in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Emily has been learning Welsh on an Entry level course with Learn Welsh The Vale since January 2024.

Let’s get to know Emily a little better.

Do you like learning languages?

Yes, I do.  I went to Howells School in Cardiff and did GCSE Welsh as a second language.  I then did an A Level in French, and a French and Italian degree at university.

I want to learn Welsh now.

I started online lessons in January, and I also do a lot of extra work myself.  I spend around four hours a week learning Welsh.

Why is learning Welsh important to you?

I'm an actress and I want to be able to act in Welsh as it's part of my heritage.

I also love hearing actors use the language - there is something very special in the sound of the Welsh language when performing.

I have also always loved the language.

Do you have friends or family who speak Welsh?

I have one friend in London who speaks Welsh.  He went to Ysgol Plasmawr, Cardiff, and my friend Anna also speaks Welsh.  I want to speak Welsh with them, but it can be difficult to switch language.  But sometimes, if I have an audition in Welsh, I’ll ask them to help me prepare.

What’s the best thing about speaking Welsh?

It makes me feel more Welsh and I feel very proud of myself when I manage to say a sentence in Welsh.

Before long, I hope I’ll be able to speak to people in Welsh in the shops when I’m back home in Cowbridge.