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Ask Huw Aaron

Ask Huw Aaron

Where are you from? 

I'm a Swansea Jack, but have now settled in Cardiff. I'm married to Luned, and we have two girls, Eos and Olwen. I'm a cartoonist, artist and children’s author.

Where did your interest in drawing come from?

I can't remember a time when I wasn’t drawing cartoons, creating silly stories and doodling characters from the books I was reading at the time. I'm so thankful (and still surprised) that this is now my day job – I never thought it would be possible when I was growing up.

What have you been working on for Welsh Language Music Day?

I have re-booted the characters Seren and Sbarc, and created a short comic, as well as an animated music video to go with a new song by Osain Huw from Candelas, and Casia Wiliam. I had a blast!

Your ambition?

To create stories full of humour, warmth and wonder.

Your favourite and worst things?

Favourite thing:  My children dancing and laughing.
Worst thing:   My children dancing and laughing at 3am.

What are your hobbies?

Nothing better than getting lost in a good book.

The most interesting person you've met? 

I had the opportunity to work with the wonderful illustrator and Children's Laureate, Chris Riddell, which was a real honour.

Your favourite Welsh song?

‘Swynol’ by Texas Radio Band.

Why is Welsh Language Music Day important?

It’s a brilliant opportunity to introduce great bands and musicians to a new audience.

Your favourite place?

I love the beaches on the Gower peninsula, Portmeirion, Rajasthan, Marrakesh… but there's no place like home!

Your favourite Welsh word?


Describe yourself in three words

Over-confident. Under-confident. Indecisive.