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Delegates from Brittany on fact-finding tour to Wales

Delegates from Brittany on fact-finding tour to Wales

A delegation from the Breton language organisation Mervent, based in Brittany, France, which promotes Breton language learning for adults, will visit their counterparts at the National Centre for Learning Welsh in April.

Led by Mervent director Yannig Menguy, a team of representatives will observe a range of Learn Welsh adult classes in Barry, Pontypridd and Aberystwyth on 7, 8, 9 and 10 April.  

The team will also attend presentations about the Centre’s work, which includes the development of a national curriculum, course content and innovative digital resources, teaching methods and qualifications for Learn Welsh tutors.  

They will also be able to find out more out about the Centre’s popular ‘Work Welsh’ scheme, which aims to strengthen Welsh language skills in the workplace, and its plans for promoting Welsh language learning among adults.

Efa Gruffudd Jones, Chief Executive of the National Centre for Learning Welsh said:

“We’re delighted to be welcoming colleagues from Brittany to Wales and will be sharing our experiences and best practise with the team from Mervent, while also learning more about their work in Brittany.”

Yannig Menguy, Director of Mervent, added:

“There are already many close links between Brittany and Wales and a Memorandum of Understanding between the Welsh Government and the Breton regional council which covers economic co-operation, cultural exchanges and language planning.  We’re excited to be able to visit Wales to learn more about recent developments led by the National Centre for Learning Welsh.”

Additional information

  • Breton is a Celtic language most closely related to Cornish and Welsh. It is spoken by around 200,000 people.
  • Mervent was established in 1994 and is responsible for delivering a range of Breton courses to adult learners, including intensive courses. Mervent also teaches Breton courses in schools.