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Duolingo reaches a million

Duolingo reaches a million

Duolingo Welsh course reaches a million users

Less than two years after its launch, at the beginning of this month, the Welsh course on Duolingo reached a million users.

This is an in important milestone in the course’s journey and the volunteers who develop and maintain the course hope it will help the Welsh Government achieve its ambition of one million speakers by 2050, with 40% of the course’s users living in the UK.

Duolingo is available for free and turns learning into a game, with everyone with a device able to learn wherever and whenever they want.

Here’s a video of a learner speaking Welsh after learning on Duolingo:

Jonathan Perry, a Welsh Tutor and member of the Duolingo Welsh team, says:

“The team of volunteers for the ‘Welsh for English Speakers’ course is very proud of reaching a million course users. The Duolingo app supports learners here in Wales and has enabled hundreds of thousands of people to learn Welsh worldwide.”

Dona Lewis, Deputy Chief Executive of the National Centre for Learning Welsh, which supports Duolingo’s work, said:

“The National Centre for Learning Welsh would like to congratulate the Welsh on Duolingo team on reaching a million users. The Centre is proud to be working with Duolingo and is grateful to the volunteers for their continuous work to ensure this exciting resource is available in Welsh. The Centre encourages learners to use Duolingo to support their Welsh learning.”

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