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Welsh learner starts YouTube ‘vlog’ to practise language skills

Welsh learner starts YouTube ‘vlog’ to practise language skills

A Welsh learner originally from Brunei, Asia, now living in Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire has launched her own YouTube ‘vlog’ to help her practise the language.

E’zzati Ariffin first moved to Wales in 2013 to study Accounting and Finance at Aberystwyth University.  She met her husband, Rhodri, at Aberystwyth and was inspired to start learning Welsh.  She now lives with Rhodri and their 10-month-old son, Idris, in Haverfordwest.

E’zzati’s YouTube ‘vlog’ sees the keen learner using her Welsh out and about in Pembrokeshire.  E’zzati is also able to practise with her Welsh-speaking husband and in-laws and has attended ‘Cicio’r Cof’ sessions - revision days for Welsh learners - with Learn Welsh Pembrokeshire.

‘‘Learning a new language is always a challenge, but I love the Welsh language and was therefore determined to persist and become fluent,” explains E’zzati.  “I try to speak as much as I can, without worrying too much about grammar.  I also write a diary every night before I go to sleep to keep track of what I’ve done and how I’ve been feeling.’’

Two of E’zzati’s ‘vlog’ entries see her enjoying the snow in west Wales, something she wasn’t used to back in Brunei:

‘‘I like the weather here in both spring and summer and of course, the winter months if we’re lucky enough to get any snow!  Wales is such an interesting country with so many castles to see and walking routes to explore.’’

To find a Welsh course, or for opportunities to practise your Welsh, go to  

Further videos by E’zzati’s can be found on her YouTube ‘vlog’ here.