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Get to know author, Meleri Wyn James

Get to know author, Meleri Wyn James

At the Llŷn ac Eifionydd National Eisteddfod in 2023, Meleri Wyn James won the Prose Medal with her novel, 'Hallt'.  The novel tells the story of a mother and her 16-year-old daughter, who has special needs.

Meleri Wyn James is an author and editor for Y Lolfa.  She has published books for both children and adults.

Where do you live and where are you from?

I live in Aberystwyth.  I was born in Llandeilo and raised in the villages of Beulah and Aber-porth.

Did you like writing in school?

I've loved writing since I was little.  I remember creating characters when I was six or seven years old.  I've enjoyed writing ever since.

Which books have influenced you?

In Welsh, Si Hei Lwli and Wele’n Gwawrio by Angharad Tomos made a big impression on me.  In English, novels like Fingersmith by Sarah Waters and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie have influenced me, because I like mystery novels.

What inspires you to write?

I'm a restless person, and writing quiets the mind.  I get an idea, and if the idea is strong enough, I start creating the story.

Where do you write?

It varies.  I wrote a lot of 'Hallt' in a café in Aberystwyth.

When do you write?

During the day.  I don't like writing in the early hours of the morning.  But ideas can come at any time - even while I'm sleeping.

What do you prefer, writing books for children or adults?

I like doing both.  I have a lot of fun writing for children.  But I prefer writing for adults.

Any advice for someone who wants to start writing?

Starting is the hardest part but go for it - you don't have to show every word to anyone.  But there are opportunities available for new authors - make the most of them.

Are there any books in the pipeline?

Yes.  I'm finishing Megs, a mystery novel for 9 to 11-year-olds at the moment.  I've also written a novel for adults called Dim Ond Un which will be published before Christmas.