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Nick Treharne

Nick Treharne is an experienced freelance photographer from Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan.  Nick judged the photography competition held in partnership with The National Library of Wales as part of the Ar Lafar Welsh learners’ festival.  The competition’s theme was ‘Fy Nghymru i’ (My Wales).  Let’s find out more about Nick.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Swansea but moved to Cardiff after I started working for the Western Mail in 1995. I now live in Penarth.

How are you coping with everyday life during this strange period?

Well, I work for myself now and don’t have any projects at the moment.  But I’m very lucky in that I have lots of other interests; I’m learning new songs on my guitar, practising the piano and I’m spending time on the computer, of course, working on my Welsh and Spanish.  I also enjoy cooking.

When did you start taking photographs?

I bought my first camera when I was 19, but I decided to work as a photographer when I was 29.

Tell us more about your work…

More often than not, I prefer to present my pictures in black and white.  I like meeting people, chatting with them for a while and then taking their picture.  

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Without doubt, getting out and about to meet new people.

When did you learn Welsh?

I started learning 18 months ago so I’m still learning.  I try to read or speak a little Welsh every day if possible.

Why did you want to learn Welsh?

Well, I was a Welshman, but I couldn’t speak Welsh! My own language!  I like learning other languages, and also, I want to be able to communicate more with Welsh speakers.

What’s your favourite Welsh word?

It used to be ‘Ysbyty’ (hospital) but after reading these questions, I think it’s now ‘ymdopi’ (to cope)!

 Describe yourself in three words.

Thoughtful; artistic; determined.

Your advice to people learning Welsh?

Read a book you enjoy.  I read ‘Ffenestri’ (Windows) by Lois Arnold over and over again!  And try to speak as much Welsh as possible each day.

Nick is pictured below, along with examples of his photography.

Llun o'r ffotograffydd Nick Treharne
Llun gan Nick Treharne