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Scott Quinnell

Scott Quinnell with his mentor Sarra Elgan

Where are you from – tell us a bit about your background.

I’m from a village outside Llanelli called Five Roads. I went to Five Roads Junior School and then the Graig Comprehensive School in Llanelli. I played rugby from a young age – I played for the Llanelli Under 11s and then went on to play for the Scarlets and Wales. I am now a rugby commentator and live in Usk with my family.

Why did you want to learn Welsh?

Learning Welsh was always something I had thought of doing but Iaith ar Daith gave me the push I needed so it came at just the right time.

How did you find learning Welsh?

Well, I’m still learning. It’s always difficult to learn a new language. But when I started speaking it, a lot of it came back to me – like a sort of muscle memory. Suddenly it all started to make sense!

What was the best thing about your ‘Iaith ar Daith’ challenge?

I got to do all sorts of things during my time on the road with Sarra Elgan. I think the thing I enjoyed most was walking the ferrets and reading a story in Welsh to the cats at the Llys Nini Animal Sanctuary in Swansea. I think one of the cats was an Ospreys fan, though – it wasn’t impressed with my story telling!

What’s your favourite Welsh word?

Mêl – it’s Welsh for honey and I learned this during Iaith ar Daith. It’s my new favourite Welsh word.

What’s your advice for Welsh learners or people thinking about learning Welsh?

Push your boundaries and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Also speak Welsh to as many people as you can.

What’s your favourite thing and your worst thing?

My favourite thing is being at home with my family and my least favourite thing is negativity. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Playing golf.

Describe yourself in three words.

Up for challenge!