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Ysgoloriaeth Patagonia 2018

Ysgoloriaeth Patagonia 2018
Picture caption: Efa Gruffudd Jones, Chief Executive of the National Centre for Learning Welsh, is pictured with Alcira Williams, Noe Jenkins and Mariel Jones at Aberystwyth University in the summer of 2017. The three students from Patagonia were all awarded scholarships to study Welsh in Wales over the summer.

Scholarships for learners from Patagonia

Three scholarships, worth £ 2,000 each, are available to learners from Patagonia to study Welsh in Wales this summer.

The scholarships are funded by the National Centre for Learning Welsh and will enable three people from Patagonia to spend a month studying at either Cardiff University or Aberystwyth University, two of the Centre’s providers.

Applicants for the scholarships must be at least at Intermediate level and have already shown a commitment to learning the language. The scholarships are administered by the British Council and are available on their website The application forms should be completed and sent to by 1 March 2018.

Following a stay in Wales to improve their language skills, learners will be expected to actively use the language on their return home, contributing to the life of the Welsh community in Patagonia, whether activities or classes.

One who has benefited in the past from a scholarship like this is Noe Sanchez Jenkins who works as a teacher at the Andes Welsh School. Noe spent a month at Aberystwyth University in 2017.

Noe said:
“I learnt a lot on the summer course this year. I learnt about Wales, the history, the poetry, the culture and language. I enjoyed being in Aberystwyth, and I had the opportunity to use my Welsh during all the activities. The course itself was very interesting, and I made friends with lot of other Welsh learners from countries such as Japan, Austria and France.

“The best thing about the experience was that we had to use the Welsh language all the time! It was also great to spend time in the country where my ancestors used to live.” 

Efa Gruffudd Jones, Chief Executive of the National Centre for Learning Welsh, said:

"We're very excited to offer this scholarship to three people from Patagonia who want to come to Wales to learn and improve their Welsh. We're proud of the unique relationship between Wales and Argentina, and we’re delighted to offer assistance to ensure the language remains part of community life in Patagonia. "