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We’ve moved to online and distance learning. We’ll be updating this website with more information or you can contact your local course provider direct.

Since increasing Welsh-medium early years childcare provision is essential to our aim of achieving a million speakers, we need to ensure a coordinated plan to develop this important workforce.

Cymraeg 2050: A million Welsh speakers

Camau is a specific Learn Welsh scheme for Early Years Education and Childcare Workforce.

The scheme includes:

  • 5 courses: Entry, Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Entry for the Play sector

  • 4 learning model offering 20 hours of flexible training;
    • Model 1 Evening/Saturday Morning sessions (3 hours x 7 sessions)
    • Model 2 Modelling language patterns in the work setting (3 hours x 7 sessions)
    • Model 3 Release of practitioners for 2 hours at a time (2 hours x 10 sessions)
    • Model 4 Block Course (3 days x 7 hours)
  • Online Awareness Course
  • Mentoring and Aftercare Support from Language Coordinators
  • Level verification with the Learn Welsh Level Checker
  • Delivery costs to employers releasing staff to attend training during working time (£10 per hour)
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