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Sectoral Schemes

There is a wide range of Sectoral Schemes

As part of the Work Welsh scheme, several different sectoral schemes are supported such as the information below - Further Education/Higher Education, Arts and Local Authorities. Read below to know more.

Further Education/Higher Education

We are working with the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol to manage and implement a specific scheme that allows Further Education Colleges and Universities to appoint tutors in the workplace to teach Welsh to teaching/learning staff and support staff. Tutors are employed through the scheme and placed in the HE or FE institution.

The scheme has continued to introduce various methods of learning, including virtual learning with a tutor, combined learning and self-learning with Tutor support. Our aim is to continue to reach a higher number and make a real difference to the language used by the educators when presenting courses to the students.

For more information, follow the links below:

Higher Education

Further Education


The Cymraeg Gwaith scheme has worked closely with the Arts Council to carry out market research in order to identify language skills within the sector and the demand for Learning Welsh training. The research identified a great demand within the sector, for courses of all types, at all levels.

The focus of this scheme is to encourage and support the staff of the Arts Council of Wales and individual artists, organizations, and arts centres to develop and grow their ability to work in Welsh and bilingually, by learning and improving their Welsh, and building confidence. A Tutor has been appointed to the sector which emulates some of the other successful schemes of Work Welsh, such as the Local Authorities. The Tutor implements a Learner Support Scheme internally and encourages the use of the Welsh language at work and supports learners and discusses progression and further plans in terms of training and the use of the Welsh language in the workplace and beyond.

Local Authorities

A full-time tutor is now based within six Local Authorities. The Tutor presents various methods of learning, including face-to-face learning, combined learning and giving support to self-study learners. In addition to this, the Tutor provides mentoring and aftercare opportunities in conjunction with the employer. Our aim is to continue to reach a higher number and make a real difference to the language used by the workforce as they offer Welsh language services to the organisation.

The Local Authorities take great advantage of Work Welsh training and therefore this method is more cost effective. The impact of placing a tutor within a large employer such as a local authority also presents clear successes, specific programs that respond to demand are drawn up by a Tutor who knows the organisation, and commitment is higher due to prestige being placed on the service by the employer.

The tutors are employed by Cymraeg Gwaith providers to ensure that they are part of a national support structure. The Local Authorities involved are:

1. Conwy County Borough Council

2. Ceredigion County Council

3. Pembrokeshire County Council

4. Carmarthenshire County Council

5. Vale of Glamorgan Council

6. Cardiff Council

Football Association of Wales - (FAW)

Croeso - welcome!  It's easier than ever for Welsh football fans to learn and enjoy the Welsh language, thanks to a new partnership between the Football Association of Wales (FAW) and the National Centre for Learning Welsh.

You can learn online as either a fan, player, manager or member of staff.

Click on the button below for further information:

Football Association of Wales