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Short Self-Study Courses

Work Welsh Welcome

You can start learning Welsh by taking the short online Self-study course Work Welsh Welcome'. It introduces everyday vocabulary and phrases and is available to all, free of charge. It is also tailored for different sectors.

Work Welsh Welcome Back'

The course ‘Work Welsh Welcome Back' is a follow-up 10-hour course that will introduce new vocabulary, in new situations, and extend your vocabulary in specific situations.

Courses are 10 units each (approximately 10 hours of learning), and are divided into Part 1 (5 units, approximately 5 hours) and Part 2 (5 units, approximately 5 hours).

You must sign in or create an account to start each course, which is a very easy process (select your employer in the menu when creating an account).

Feel free to email if more information is needed.


Access the courses by selecting the link below:


Work Welsh Improvement Course

This 10-hour course is for employees who already use Welsh in the workplace but who want to develop their skills and confidence when writing in Welsh. Work language used in this course. 


By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand many of the main mutation rules and use them correctly.
  • Understand the difference between words that look similar but differ in meaning (e.g. a/â; ac/ag; maen/mae).
  • Use the small words correctly (e.g. ar, am) and understand how to change them (e.e. arna i, amdana i).
  • Discuss the past with confidence and skill.
  • Understand some of the main rules associated with masculine / feminine words.
  • Use impersonal verbs (e.e. edrychwyd; penderfynwyd) confidently and skilfully in documents such as meeting minutes.
  • Understand how to use the clause 'bod' correctly to convey 'that' (e.e. fy mod i, eu bod nhw).
  • Understand the difference between some English and Welsh patterns, avoiding literal translation from English.