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Social Care Camau Scheme

Information about Social Care Camau Scheme
Learn Welsh Course - Mynediad / Entry Level (part 1)

We offer an Entry-level online self-study course targeted for staff working in Care (suitable for beginners, and those who have completed Taster Courses). The course consists of the following and is fully funded:


  • Approximately 60 hours of independent learning;
  • Learn Welsh for Carers to use with patients;
  • Pronouncing the alphabet, colours, days of the week and numbering;
  • Learn commands and introduce prepositions;
  • Learn patterns to ask and answer questions;
  • Learning to tell the time;
  • Talking about yourself and others;
  • Talking about patients’ plans;
  • Say what people have been / are doing;
  • Learn commands.

All learners are expected to complete approximately one Unit per week. Each part of the course (there will be 3 parts in total) should take approximately 10 weeks to complete.

Select the course link below:

Social Care Wales Camau Course Entry 1 (North Wales)

Social Care Wales Camau Course Entry 1 (South Wales)

Camau Gofal