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Work Welsh 2020 Award: Learner who has made the best progress at Entry or Foundation level


WINNER: Sacha Baber, Work Welsh Further Education Learner (Bridgend College)

Sacha has been learning Welsh through the Work Welsh Further Education scheme at Bridgend College since the scheme started in the sector. Sacha stood out because she has managed to increase the use of Welsh in her classes by giving students opportunities to use the language. She met with her tutor for one-to-one weekly mentoring sessions to practise her Welsh, and discussed how to incorporate Welsh into her area of ​​learning. She received high praise and outstanding feedback on her lessons, including the way she produces bilingual resources (such as terminology lists), uses Welsh and creates opportunities for her students. She has worked steadily to secure a classroom with fully bilingual displays, and is the first college tutor to start teaching a whole module bilingually.

Sacha Baber

When I received the news that I had won the Welsh award I was shocked. It is lovely being awarded this award. I enjoy learning Welsh and am passionate about trying to get Welsh into my classrooms in any small way that I can, I want to be able to give my Welsh learners some opportunities to continue their Welsh after leaving school. Thank you for the award I am very honoured and proud to receive it. Diolch yn fawr - dw i'n hapus iawn!

Sacha Baber, Work Welsh Learner

High Praise to:

  • Sam Owen, Work Welsh Further Education Learner (NPTC Group of Colleges)
  • Abigail Williams, Work Welsh Higher Education Learner (Cardiff Metropolitan University)
  • Jenny Williamson, ‘Learn’ Work Welsh Learner (National Library of Wales)
  • Julia Davies, Work Welsh Further Education Learner (Pembrokeshire College)

A large number of high quality nominations were received for the 'Learner who has made the best progress at Entry and Foundation level' award, which was a major challenge for the Adjudication Panel. As such, it was not possible to select individuals for second and third place, but the Panel was eager to give high praise and due attention to the four learners listed above. Sam, Abigail, Jenny and Julia are outstanding learners who deserve recognition for their significant progress in learning Welsh. They are extremely enthusiastic learners, ensuring a high attendance in lessons, constantly strive to use their Welsh in the workplace, enjoy using the online resources available at to support their learning, and go beyond their lessons with their efforts to develop and practise their new Welsh language skills. Congratulations to all four!