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If you work in the sports sector, there's a great choice of Learn Welsh courses for you.


We've got a fantastic range of Learn Welsh courses available, at different learning levels.

Our learning programme includes courses tailored for the sports sector and self-study online courses.

Learning Levels

Courses are available at different learning levels, from beginners to experienced learners and Welsh speakers:

  • Entry (for beginners)
  • Foundation 
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Proficient

Further details, including videos, are available on this page and in the Language Competency Framework. 

What our learners say

Anna Work Welsh
For the first time ever I am feeling okay about actually trying to speak it! I am using more Welsh words and phrases and encourage staff to do the same.
Hannah Work Welsh
I like that I'm learning words and phrases relevant to my work and everyone is so supportive.