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Welsh for Young People

16-25 years old? This is the place for you!


There are all sorts of Welsh language resources and courses available free of charge for young people aged 16-25.

The choice varies from short digital resources to online self-study courses, and courses in a group with a tutor.

Select from the buttons below to see all the options!

Already learning with us?

If you're following an Entry or Foundation level Learn Welsh course already, special revision units are available for young learners.


Click on the pink 'Young People Revision Units' box below to see these learning resources, that are especially for 18-25 year old learners following Entry or Foundation level courses.

Revision Lessons 16-25 years old

Select the pink box 'Revision lessons 16-25 years' in order to use the lessons.             

Soap opera: Fflat mêts

Register your Interest

Are you interested in learning or developing your Welsh language skills? Click on the 'Register Interest 16-25' button below to register your interest in the opportunities available. We will aim to provide new opportunities based on the information we collect, so remember to give as much details as possible for us to be able to offer the most suitable provision for you.

Learn Welsh Levels

All the courses available will develop Welsh language skills at different learning levels, varying from those suitable for beginners to those suitable for more experiences speakers. Here's a short description of each level:

Entry: This level introduces basic language patterns, including present, past and future tenses, and everyday words and phrases.  If you’re new to Welsh, then you can start here.

Foundation: If you have a basic understanding of Welsh and are confident using present, past and future tenses, then try this level. You’ll get to discuss everyday subjects such as friends, family, work and hobbies.

Intermediate: This level is for those who are familiar with the key language patterns of Welsh. You’ll enjoy developing your speaking skills with a little more writing, reading and listening.

Advanced: With this level, the focus is on developing your spoken Welsh, with opportunities to discuss all kinds of subjects. You’ll also get to improve your reading, writing and listening skills.

Proficient: This level is for fluent learners and Welsh speakers who wish to build confidence to use and enjoy their language skills, whether spoken or written Welsh.

Not sure of your level?

If you're not sure which level is suitable for you, 16-25 year olds have the option of using the Level Checker. This online tool will discover your level by asking a series of questions to check your Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing skills.