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Ask Lorraine

Ask Lorraine

Lorraine Lloyd lives in Narberth, and is learning Welsh with Learn Welsh Gwent, which is run by Coleg Gwent on behalf of the National Centre for Learning Welsh.  Here is a bit about her:

Where are you from, and where do you live now?

I was brought up in Milford Haven until I was ten, and then in Fishguard.  I now live in Narberth.

Why did you start learning Welsh?

My mum, grandmother and grandfather spoke Welsh, but not with me.  My dad couldn't speak Welsh.  After working in England for decades, and then returning to Wales, I was determined to learn Welsh.  Shan, one of my best friends, was a big inspiration.

Do you speak other languages?

Yes – French, and a bit of Spanish and Italian.

Who do you speak Welsh with?

With Shan and her family, and with other friends who are Welsh learners.

What's the best thing about learning Welsh?

I can chat with my friend and her family in Welsh, and feel more comfortable in their company, as they don't need to speak English now.

How has learning Welsh made a difference to you?

It has changed my life!  I am so proud that I made the effort to learn Welsh.  I can enjoy Welsh culture, and watch S4C almost without subtitles.  Also, I spent a couple of weeks at Nant Gwrtheyrn, which was an amazing experience.

What programmes do you like to watch on S4C?

I enjoy watching Pobol y Cwm, Sgwrs Dan Y Lloer, Am Dro, Dan Do, Cymry ar Gynfas and many more!  I have also enjoyed several dramas recently, including Anfamol and Pren ar Y Bryn.

Any advice for other learners who want to start learning Welsh?

Go for it!  Take every opportunity to join local events in Welsh.  Don't worry if you make mistakes, everyone makes them.  Also, remember that a lot happens through Welsh online. Recently, I joined an online reading club, which has been a great boost for me.