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Ask Nadine

Ask Nadine

Nadine Lia Pike is 28 years old and comes from Neath.  She works as a primary school teacher.

Nadine went to English-medium primary and secondary schools and really enjoyed the Welsh lessons at school.

She continued to learn Welsh as an adult and is now doing a Gloywi (proficiency) course with Learn Welsh Swansea Bay Region, one of the providers of the National Centre for Learning Welsh.

Here’s Nadine’s story:

Did you enjoy learning Welsh at school?

I loved it.  I went to Ysgol Gynradd Crynallt where I enjoyed learning and using Welsh.

I then went to Ysgol Gyfun Cefn Saeson.  I had Welsh lessons twice a week and got an A* in GCSE Welsh Second Language.

I went on to the sixth form at Ysgol San Joseff, where I did Level A Welsh in my own time.  I really enjoyed studying Welsh at school but it was challenging.

What do you like about speaking Welsh?

I’ve always enjoyed learning Welsh.  I remember saying, after a Welsh lesson around year 4, 'when I grow up, I want to speak Welsh fluently!’

After passing my Welsh GCSE and A Level, I was keen to continue learning Welsh and make sure I didn't lose the language.  So, I started looking for a Welsh course for adults.

I started an Intermediate course with Learn Welsh Swansea Bay Region in 2016.

What is it like to learn Welsh as an adult?

I have enjoyed learning Welsh and I am proud I can now speak the language fluently - it would have made me the nine year-old me very happy!

I've done several courses over the years and I've loved speaking Welsh with loads of different people.

But I should say that learning Welsh is sometimes frustrating, especially when I can't remember new vocabulary!

How has your life changed since learning Welsh?

Learning Welsh has had a great influence on my life.  I use Welsh as much as possible and I help other people who are learning the language during coffee mornings in the local library.

I use Welsh at work as I teach in a Welsh-medium school and share the language with the next generation.

What’s the best thing about being able to speak Welsh

The best thing is feeling that I’m helping to ensure the future of the language in my home country.