Clwb Cwtsh

Clwb Cwtsh


The National Centre for Learning Welsh has joined forces with Mudiad Meithrin – the Welsh language early years specialist – to develop a new Welsh language learning programme for families. The programme of taster courses is called Clwb Cwtsh. 

Clwb Cwtsh is a fun-filled taster programme aimed at new Welsh learners and focusing on speaking Welsh with young children. During the course, entertainment is provided for the children, assuring that childcare is no barrier for joining.

Clwb Cwtsh introduces families to Welsh vocabulary and phrases relevant to caring for young children, and learners are encouraged from the beginning to use their new skills with their children. The sessions are fun and entertaining, and use song and games, as well as making sure there's time for a cuppa (of course!).

On completion, learners will be encouraged to join the National Centre’s providers’ courses.

Details of 2018-19 Clwb Cwtsh sessions will be announced during September 2018.


 To learn more about the Clwb Cwtsh sessions in your area, here are some options for you: